Sindh CM establishes desk for child abuse complaints

KARACHI: To prevent incidents similar to that of Kasur in the province, Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has ordered to set up a separate desk at the CM House Complaint Cell to entertain complaints of crimes against children, particularly those related to sexual abuse which he termed ‘sexual terrorism against children’.

According to the CM, the Kasur incident suggested that society was degenerating. Islamic values and values of humanity such as love and care for children and respect for elders are fading away which is not a pleasant phenomenon, the CM said. “The Kasur incident is a big question mark on the face of our society,” he added.

Phone numbers of the desk established by Shah for reporting complaints against violations of children rights are 021-99202080-1, 021-99207394 and 021-99207568. The CM has directed the complaint cell duty officer(s) to forward such complaints to the concerned police station and also send them to him on his WhatsApp number so that  prompt, coordinated and strict action could be taken. “I have given clear instructions to the police to deal such cases as terrorism cases,” he said.

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The CM also directed the education department to educate children about reporting sexual assaults and other such crimes. He also asked the chief secretary to invite recommendations from experts of children rights and civil society to include content on `sexual terrorism against children’ in textbooks. “This is a serious issue and we all, parents, teachers and civil society, have to control it with our collective efforts,” he said.

“I am quite worried after this incident and I need support and guidance [from all segments of society] against this kind of terrorism,” Shah said.

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