Kasur starts to return to normalcy, Rangers deployed

After the murder of innocent eight-year-old , situation in Kasur started to normalize two days later as the protests subsided.

According to Express News, the situation in Kasur, Punjab has been lulled down to a great extent as tyre burning and protests have been taken fairly under control. Transportation also kicked off however markets stayed shut due to wheel jam in the city.

IG police submits Kasur victim’s autopsy report before SC

Reports say citizens started to crowd outside the DHQ hospital but Rangers and special police anti-riot forces reached the hospital and dispersed the protesters from the vicinity.

All over Kasur, municipal forces started cleaning out the streets however burnt cars can still be seen on the roads. Rangers have completely taken over the hotspots and sensitive areas as flag march is expected to take place soon.

Condolences for the victim are still pouring in as many political, religious and social figures continue to visit the house of bereaved parents.

DNA in Kasur murder matches previous crimes

Rs10m have been announced as a reward for helping arrest the culprit, yet there has been no development on that front. Four suspects have been arrested and the investigations are underway but there has been no final word on the arrest.

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