Pakistan-US relations depend on revision of Trump's do-more policy: Sources

Pakistani authorities have informed US government through diplomatic channels that its relations with US depends on the revision of president Trump’s ‘do-more’ policy.

Sources in Islamabad said that ‘do-more’ demands of Trump have created tensions between the two countries which further intensified when Trump administration announced that aid to Pakistan was being suspended. Pakistan’s leadership is continuously reviewing US policy.

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Pakistan has stopped cooperation with the US on important issues which has shocked the nation. US government has initiated dialogue again through backdoor diplomatic channels rather than open dialogue. Sources have also said that Pakistan has told US that it will not conduct any joint operation within its borders with any country including US.

Pakistan Army shall review any information shared with it and will decide to take any action if it is required. Pakistan has also told US that Trump’s statements have significant negative impact on the relation between the two countries. Sources also stated that there is ambiguity relating to Pakistan’s hard stance and US’ strategy. Pakistan has clarified to the US that it will only activate cooperation and rebuild relations with US if it adopts a balanced policy based on equality.

In case US continues its present policy, Pakistan can use the options such as blocking North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) supply through its land and review of diplomatic relations. The gederal government will finalise a policy in consultation with stakeholders including the National Security committee.

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US policy has not been welcomed by international community and important countries including China are in support of Pakistan, which has led to US reaching out to Pakistan to solve all the issues through dialogue.

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