Rishi Kapoor ridicules young girl for asking to take a picture with him

It’s beginning to look like Rishi Kapoor has really lost his mind…or at the very least, his manners.

The Bollywood veteran is known all over the world for always speaking his mind, albeit a little too openly at times. This is fine as if he doesn’t like something, Rishi will express his dislike unabashedly, to your face, without taking the possible effect his comments may have on you. His Twitter account is good proof of that.

But what happened last week at a Michelin-star restaurant in Mumbai was a tad bit too much. In true Rishi fashion, the Hum Tum star lost his cool once again. But this time, it wasn’t the media that had irked him but a young female guest who was at the restaurant at the same time, reported Spotboye.


What happened, you ask? Well, the poor fan simply wanted a picture with Rishi and the rest of his family, which included his wife Neetu Singh and children Ridhimma and Ranbir Kapoor. The girl spotted Rishi and the rest of the Kapoors dining at another table in the restaurant and according to witnesses, got very excited. She reportedly walked up to the celebrity clan to request them for pictures and actually managed to get selfies with Ranbir and Neetu.

But as the Kapoors were exiting the restaurant, the youngster rushed to Rishi to ask for a picture with him too. Much to her dismay, he flat out refused, saying, “No!” Disheartened, the girl retaliated by saying “How rude” and all hell broke loose thereafter.

Her comment was enough to make Rishi stop in his tracks and give her an earful, ultimately reducing the girl to tears. And as per further reports, the situation got so bad that Ranbir had to come around and rush to the girl’s rescue before things got even worse. Eye witnesses say Ranbir apologised to her on behalf of his father personally and even requested Rishi – who was fuming with anger – to calm down and go sit in the car.

Now, we can understand why celebrities may get annoyed by the constant spotlight and requests for autographs and selfies, particularly when they’re off duty and enjoying a private meal with their families.

But an actor of Rishi’s stature, screaming as a young girl in public just because she asked for a picture does feel a little uncalled for. What’s even worse is that hardly anyone seems surprised by the incident.

Perhaps Rishi’s PR team ought to have a word with him, provided that he doesn’t blow up on them too.

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