Teenagers spend 'a big chunk' of their budget on fast food, says report

ISLAMABAD: Teenagers are spending the biggest chunk of their ‘budget’ on eating out in fast food restaurants with their friends and colleagues in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, according to a report aired by a private news channel on Saturday.

As the fast food business flourishes all over the country, school-children, college and university students, as well as young employees, are opting to have their lunch at restaurants that sell junk food.

In a habit that was once only associated with the upper middle class or the elite in Pakistan, dining out has become part of a new ‘urban culture’.

With the changing habits of our youth, people have also witnessed a boom in the food business, as international fast food chains set up shop across the country.

The change started in the late 1990s, when people from every class, especially young girls and boys, were to be seen at eating spots almost daily, the report reveals.

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The social media revolution has also had an impact on the eating habits of millennials, as many ‘online profiles’ are used for uploading pictures in which young people can be seen hanging out, or having a meal, with their friends.

“Almost every restaurant in the twin cities is filled to capacity all day, every day. This signifies the overpowering likeness people have for fast food in Pakistan,” the report observed.

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Ayesha Ahmad, an 18 year-old studying at a local institute, told a reporter that she believes exam week is generally considered the most stressful period for a student during a school year, and that is when they feel the need to relax by having a good meal at their favourite restaurant.

Another teen, Yusra Azam says, “I love to go out for lunch with my ‘besties’ because the taste of restaurant food is so good.”

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