Lahore high court chief justice orders to remove words blind, deaf from Constitution

LAHORE: Chief Justice Lahore High Court Syed Mansoor Ali Shah on Tuesday ordered to remove words ‘blind’ ‘deaf’, ‘unable to hear, or ‘lame’ used for disabled persons in the Constitution and ordered them to be referred as ‘special persons’.

The CJ gave the order while hearing a petition filed seeking direction to remove aforementioned words in the Constitution, which according to the petitioner are improper words and tantamount to damage their honour.

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The petitioner had contended that these special persons are part of the society and “it will be unjust if these words are not removed from law which affects their grace.”

He implored that it is against moral values if we refer to them with the words mentioned above and asked the court to remove these words from the Constitution so that the society could avoid calling them from these words.

The CJ said these words should be removed from the Ordinance 1981 and these persons would be called special persons from now on.

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