They opened fire at us, this is when Intizar was shot: Girl breaks silence on DHA shooting case

More evidence has surfaced in Karachi’s DHA shooting case of Intizar case in the form of statements from the girl who was with him the night of his death.

Official sources report that the girl confessed to being in the car with him that night. “Right before the firing, Intizar and I stopped at a shop nearby and bought two burgers from there. A man walked to Intizar shortly after,” she told police officials.

“A little while later, a car came and stopped right in front of our car,” she continued. “They stopped our car and started looking inside it. The man searching the car signaled to someone, and another car and motorbike came in front of us.”

Youth Intizar Ahmed shot dead on Saturday killed by ACLC police

“Therefore, when Intizar and I tried to leave and he drove the car, they opened fire on us,” she said. “This is when Intizar was hit.”

The girl added that this incident terrified her, and she fled the scene.

On January 13,  in an unfortunate incident late evening in Karachi’s posh locality of DHA, a 21-year-old man, Intizar Ahmed, who lived on Khayaban-e-Badban, was found shot dead in mysterious circumstances on Khayaban-e-Ittehad.

Intizar’s killing was termed an act of targeted killing by the police in their initial report. However, the case took a U-turn after the ACLC team’s involvement was discovered.

Initial investigation suggests personal enmity behind Karachi police killing

Police investigations revealed that Intizar was not shot by target killers. Instead, he was killed by a special team of the ACLC, the Karachi police’s specialised cell which deals with the theft of vehicles.

Shah spoke to the father via telephone and assured him that he would order a judicial inquiry

  • Youth Intizar Ahmed shot dead on Saturday killed by ACLC police

    Cops claim they mistook Intizar as a car snatcher, family calls incident intentional killing

  • Police claim only three ACLC cops involved in youth’s murder

    Disclosure comes after two more personnel surrender themselves to the authorities

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