Transgender shot, injured in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: In perhaps the first such attack of the year, a person who is transgender was shot and injured in Peshawar on Thursday.

Abid, who is also known as Sonia, was fired upon in the Pahandu area of the city and had to be rushed to the hospital in a critical condition.

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A hospital official told The Express Tribune that Sonia was brought to the Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH) on Wednesday evening with gunshot wounds to the face.

A police official said that as per initial investigations, Sonia had been shot at by her paramour after they exchanged in a verbal joust. During the heated argument, Sonia was struck in the face and doctors believed that a bullet was still lodged in her throat.

Officials added that they had registered an FIR against Sonia’s paramour.

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Rights activist Taimur Kamal told The Express Tribune that it was unfortunate that violence against the members of transgender community was still continuing.

“In our society, there is no place for the third gender, they are constantly targeted without inviting much attention,” he said.

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