Green campus project: NED university to plant 2,500 trees, plants

KARACHI: The NED University of Engineering and Technology has initiated a green campus project in view of the university turning 100 years old in 2021. Under the project, a campaign has started to plant 2,500 plants and trees, out of which 100 have already been planted.

The site plan of the project has been prepared in which 16 types of plants and trees will be planted. Initially, 70 date trees have been planted from the central door of NED till the walls of Karachi University (KU).

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Other projects were also initiated which includes changing the lighting at the varsity to LED lighting. The expenditure of the projects will be borne by the alumni of the varsity.

An ex-student, Sohail Bashir, who works for a Japanese company has taken the responsibility of planting date trees and has already planted 70 of them. The company involved in planting the trees will also be responsible for maintaining these trees for a year.

The date trees will be planted as far as the wall that unites NED with KU. Inside the university, the plantation will take place in the soccer field, car parking area, vicinity of Habib Bank Limited and National Bank of Pakistan, tennis court, basketball complex and other places.

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According to the plan, Royal Palm, coconut palm, washing to new palm, Senegal date palm and traveler palms and other types of trees and plants will be planted.

NED University Vice Chancellor (VC) Sarosh Lodi said that a graduate of the varsity, Asad Jafar, works as the chief executive officer of a company that has agreed to install LED lighting. Lodi said talks were held with Jafar, who agreed to install the LED lights without any profits. Funds for the installation are being arranged, Lodi said.

The VC said that details of the project will be published on the website soon and everyone can choose a position of their choice to plant a tree with their name. He said those cooperating with the university include two alumni members, Ajmal Farooqi and Bashir from Saita Corporation. Others include Arif Raza from Amcorp Engineering and Construction (Pvt) Limited, Faisal Naqvi from Gasco Engineering, Ameerul Islam from Jersey Precast, Kazim Mansoor from Soilmat Engineers and Ghulam Farooq and Farhat Adil.

The authorities concerned must take appropriate action to ensure that the expansion project is completed

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