Lindsay Lohan to shoot an all-women film in Saudi Arabia

On Friday, Lindsay Lohan appeared on The Wendy Williams Show and made a huge announcement. According to The National, the Parent Trap actor plans to shoot a film in Saudi Arabia and design her own island in Dubai.

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Lindsay revealed that her movie will follow an American photographer who leaves her husband in the US and moves to the Saudi Arabia capital, Riyadh. She also added that the film will be called Frame. The 31-year-old said, “The character becomes immersed in Saudi culture and is taken in by a group of women who introduce her to their lives.”


Adding in a little more detail, Lindsay also stated, “The character then starts to understand the culture and how the women there are. Like fencing is a big thing there, so there are a lot of fencing courses and horse-back riding… the women take her in to understand why they cover and why they do these things.”

In December, she also tweeted in support of having cinemas in Saudi Arabia, urging people to support the movement as well.

Please support this incredible #movement .. I look forward to being a part of this with the movie #FRAMETHEMOVIE

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During the interview, the Mean Girls actor also mentioned that she is planning to design her own island in Dubai. “I’m discussing designing an island in Dubai at The World Islands. I figured I’ve gone to enough islands and I should have my own,” adding that it will be called Lohan Island.


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It will be called 'Lohan Island'

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