Imran press conference: How do I respect a parliament that has criminals?

At a press conference held on Thursday, PTI Chief Imran Khan asked how he was supposed to respect a parliament that has criminals and is being run by a mafia.

Hours before the conference, Imran had promised he would present ‘explosive’ evidence against the ruling party. Stating he is presenting the second episode of mujhe kyun nikala, he said that the Sharif family have 16 offshore companies all of which were made to launder money.

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“Hudaibiya Paper Mill was established for money laundering,” he stated while lauding the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for summoning Shehbaz Sharif in the Hudaibiya Mills case.

“Hudaibiya is an open and shut case, and I would like to tell NAB that the entire country is with them and waiting for swift judgement.”

The PTI chief also alleged that the ruling party always gets their way through buying people or blackmailing them, and implored NAB to make sure that didn’t happen to them.

Imran further stated that billions were sent abroad through Jati Umra residence’s driver and waiter.

“In 1999, the Sharif family wealth saw a huge rise,” claimed Imran. “They are breaking laws to make money,” said the PTI chief and questioned which democracy in the world would amend a law to allow someone who was found guilty in the court of law to continue being the head of a ruling party.

Imran also called Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif a ‘security risk’ for the country considering Asif was found to have a work permit for another country.

“He is representing Pakistan abroad while holding work permits for another country. This is a stain on our nation. How can he be allowed to continue as the foreign minister?”

When asked about the recent comments he passed on the parliament, Khan stated, “They [parliament] should be thankful I used very soft terms.”

Combined opposition on The Mall

Regarding yesterday’s All Party Conference (APC) in Lahore, Khan stated the protest was less to do with the amount of people and more with the unity shown by all the parties involved.

“Yesterday was not to do with the crowd. We registered a protest. The Model Town incident took place four years ago, where is the justice? If we don’t demand justice, what kind of opposition are we? We were united on a humanitarian cause.”

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