‘Girl is concealing facts’, says father of Intizar gunned down by ACLC policemen in DHA

The father of a youth gunned down by the Anti Car-lifting Cell (ACLC) policemen in Karachi a few days ago has expressed suspicion on the statement of the girl accompanying his son at the time of the killing, suspecting that she is concealing facts.

Intizar was gunned down late Saturday evening on Khayaban-e-Ittehad, DHA after the officials and personnel of ACLC resorted to indiscriminate fire at a White Corolla, killing the victim on the spot.

According to the girl, M*, she and Intizar had met a week prior to the incident, Express News reported. She said that if she known who killed her friend, she would have told police already.

However, Ishtiaq, the youth’s father, said he doesn’t believe in the girl’s statement. He said he suspects the girl of concealing facts.

Govt promises judicial inquiry in Intizar murder case

He also said police had not shown him complete footage of closed-circuit television (CCTV) of the incident. “My son’s murder was plotted and now the investigating officers are trying to save their own men,” he added.

“A judicial investigation into the murder will differentiate right from wrong,” he added.

On Wednesday, the girl said she was accompanied by Intizar when the incident occurred, but she maintained that she did not see the culprits who opened fire on Intizar.

Soon after, another car and motorcycle came and attempted to stop Intizar. They opened indiscriminate fire on the car when Intizar sped up the car,” she said.

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  • Police claim only three ACLC cops involved in youth’s murder

    Disclosure comes after two more personnel surrender themselves to the authorities

  • Initial investigation suggests personal enmity behind Karachi police killing

    Victim’s father claims he had a fight with a police official's son few days ago

    Original news : https://tribune.com.pk/story/1612001/1-girl-concealing-facts-says-father-intizar-gunned-aclc-policemen-dha/