PML-N sacrifice goats in Haripur

HARIPUR: Ahead of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s arrival in Haripur for a public rally, local leaders of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz sacrificed a goat for the party chief and the country’s political situation. Nawaz’s son-in-law Captain (retired) Safdar along with MNA Babur Nawaz Khan examined Curtis ground, the site for the public gathering.  “The Hazara gathering will be a historic one, we are expecting the participation of around 50,000 people,” party officials said.   Apart from the sacrifice of a goat, students of a local seminary finished recitation of the Holy Quran at the site.  “Nawaz Sharif is a national leader. He alone stepped up to change the destiny of the nation,” said Capt Safdar, adding, “the Haripur gathering will prove just how much people love Nawaz Sharif.” “A crowd of 50,000 people will gather to express their love for Nawaz who alone is struggling to change the destiny of this nation.”  

Published in The Express Tribune, January 19th, 2018.

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