5 entertaining moments from Miss Veet 2017 grand finale

KARACHI  : Another year, and another Miss Veet season came to an end. Miss Veet 2017 grand finale, held at Expo Center on Thursday, saw the conclusion of several journeys and perhaps the beginning of a few. Among the top three finalists, Nimra Khan, Hira Khan and Nafia Sahar, Hira was crowned the eventual winner by the jury (consisting of Adnan Siddiqui, Aamina Sheikh and Hareem Farooq).

While the event started about three hours too late, there wasn’t much excitement in the air to begin with, which is not usually the case with grand finales of reality shows. Nevertheless, it didn’t go without delivering entertaining moments, some of which shall be remembered for the right reasons, others not so much. Here, we list five of them:

 1. Ali Zafar and Mahira Khan shake a leg on stage

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When you have got two of the country’s biggest stars on stage, it is bound to be a memorable moment. Ali Zafar, not unlike last year, performed in the finale, crooning his popular tunes such as Rockstar, Dil Jhoom, and Julie.

Before starting Julie, he addressed the audience. “People come into this industry and lose their… element. It’s easy to lose yourself in this business,” he said. “It’s not about being a star, surrounded by people who sing your praises. It’s about being an artist. Star to har koi hota hai. Aaj main hoon, kal koi aur hoga. I was just explaining this to Julie. Let me try it again here tonight.”


In the middle of the performance, he invited chief guest Mahira Khan on the stage. He, then, asked her, “Everyone wants to be famous and you have had a long journey and you have seen all kinds of situations. But I want to ask, what’s more important: fame, money, or relationships and friendships?”

Mahira responded, “It’s all fun meeting fans and getting awards and all, but what’s important is going back home after all that, and having a cup of tea with your three old friends. Life is about those few people who stay with you through everything.” The two then grooved to Ali’s ‘Julie’. 

2. Clueless Mahira


At several points during the show, Mahira could seen confused or awkward. Of course, her natural grace covered it up, but it was still noticeable. It seemed as if she was uninstructed about what to do. Once, host Azfar Rehman, in his own way to add humor, asked Mahira that he had lost his number and if he could have hers. It only seemed to make her slightly awkward. He also asked her to sing one of the songs from Raees.

Later, Mahira, who wasn’t given any heads-up as to her role, was asked to question the three finalists for which she wasn’t prepared. However, she covered it up by asking a very interesting question.

3. Mom’s the word 


Mahira’s question to the contestants was one she said she liked to ask everyone: What was their favorite word and the least favorite word? Never mind about the least favorite, the three girls’ favorite words are something that made the show from dull to slightly entertaining.

The then to-be-crowned Miss Veet 2017 Hira said her favorite word was ‘Alhamdulillah’. And then Nimra dropped the bomb when she responded, “My mom.” Unsurprisingly, it confused the audience as well as the jury. A chuckle here, a murmur there, and she realized what he said, and explained why she chose the word and how her mother is important to her. Nafia followed suit and answered the same, making one think all the ‘mom’ references were subconsciously directed towards Siddiqui.

Ultimately, what was a heartfelt moment, Hira, upon being declared winner, dedicated the victory to her mother and brought her on stage to give her the crown. She said, “For me, she is the real Miss Veet.” Siddiqui lightened up the moment, saying “Bas pagli rulayegi kya? (Are you going to make me cry?”)

4. Nafia fangirling over judges

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It should not have been the case as Nafia, like all finalists, spent a significant amount of time with them, or maybe she was simply overwhelmed by their presence and being in the spotlight, but her fangirling wouldn’t stop. It went on for uncomfortably too long, garnering eye-rolls and discomforted silence from the audience.

5. Wasim Akram and Ali Zafar share a moment


When on stage, Zafar also invited cricket legend Wasim Akram and asked him his secret of his fitness. In perhaps the show’s most honest moment, Akram responded, “I sleep early. That’s why I’m already sleepy at this moment as I have to wake up by 6.”

He also commended Veet for encouraging female talent and empowering women. He said, “The only society which grows is the one whose men and women are determined and unwavering.”

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