PPP not to resign from Parliament

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) says it will not resign from parliament to show solidarity with Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) and its allied parties. PPP also refused to dissolve the assembly as PAT seemed unsuccessful in wooing the parties to adopt a joint strategy for ending PML-N government at federal and Punjab level.

Sources claim, PPP has taken serious notice of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan and Pakistan Awami Muslim League (AML) Chief Sheikh Rashid’s statement of cursing the government during PAT’s protest. PPP leadership decided not to support any undemocratic step that would threaten the parliamentary system and democracy or derail the government.

NA passes resolution against Imran Khan, Sheikh Rashid

PPP was also resolute not to side with any political or electoral alliance of which supports Imran Khan. PAT was informed of PPP’s reservations after which the former started mulling new options.

According to sources, PML-N has started back-channel contacts with the PPP seeking their political cooperation for the completion of its tenure. PML-N has decided to contact political parties on individual basis excluding PTI. PML-N says resignations of PTI, PML-Q or any other party parliamentarians will be accepted according to the law.

The National Assembly on Thursday also condemned Imran Khan and Sheikh Rashid for cursing parliament in the multi-party opposition protest held in Lahore on Wednesday as it adopted a resolution against the two leaders.

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