Beheaded, bloody doll found in Amsterdam's mosque

A beheaded doll was left at a mosque in an Islamophobic act that has left the Muslim community shocked in Amsterdam, Netherlands, police said on Thursday.

As the picture shows, the head of the doll was hung by a rope above it’s “bloodstained body” with a note leaving a warning against the ‘radicalisation’.

Emir Sultan Mosque’s employee discovered the doll while opening the place of prayer and instantly reported it to the police.

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In the north of Amsterdam, the mosque serves primarily to the Turkish community.

The Islamic Foundation of the mosque called this as a “cowardly and disgusting act”, in a statement to Dutch media.

“Of course we are shocked and condemn this cowardly attack, but we do not let ourselves be intimidated and played against each other,” the statement said.

“We will continue to profile ourselves as part of society and continue to work for the preservation of peace and solidarity in Amsterdam-Noord. We request everyone to keep their cool and wait for the police investigation,” it added.

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President of the mosque, Kamber Sener, requested the community on Facebook “not to worry about this incident”.

“I hope they will find the perpetrators as soon as they can,” he also wrote, asking for the city to unite against such acts.

The act was appealed via Twitter by a right-wing group called Rechts in Verzet, or Right in Opposition.

Geen megamoskee Amsterdam-Noord.
Ingezonden protestactie @AT5 @ADnl @telegraaf @volkskrant @WNLVandaag @HartvNL @nrc @NHNieuws #moskee#turken#Marokkanen

— RIV (@rechtsinverzet) January 18, 2018

This article originally appeared on Al-Jazeera

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