Chinese embassy responds to Mattis's statement on US National Defense Strategy

WASHINGTON: A spokesperson of the Chinese embassy in the United States said on Friday that Cold War mentality and zero-sum game mindset would only lead to conflict and confrontation.

He was responding to the US National Defense Strategy released earlier the same day.

The US Department of Defense on Friday rolled out its 2018 National Defense Strategy, saying the US military advantage has been eroding and is facing strong competition from other countries like China and Russia.

The department also labeled “long-term strategic competitions with China and Russia” as the principal priorities, according to the document.

US military puts China and Russia at heart of strategy: Mattis

In response, the spokesperson stressed “peace and development” are the themes of this era, pointing out “one’s mentality determines how they see the world.”

“If some people look at the world through a Cold War and zero-sum game mindset, they are destined to see only conflict and confrontation,” said the spokesperson.

“With such a mindset, global peace and development are unattainable ideals.”

The official said that China has always been committed to and has played a constructive role in the pursuit of world peace, global development, and the maintenance of the international order.

“We adhere to a win-win strategy of ‘opening-up’ in our relations with all nations,” he said. “What China seeks in the world is global partnership, not global dominance. We pursue a vision of global governance featuring extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits.”

He added that China further stands for democracy in international relations, with an aim to build a new model of global affairs defined as a community with a shared future for mankind.

“In this spirit, China’s economic and diplomatic activities around the globe are broadly welcomed,” he noted.

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Speaking of China-US relations, the spokesperson said the two nations shoulder important responsibilities and have extensive common interests in upholding world peace and stability and in promoting global development and prosperity.

China hopes that the United States can follow the trend of the world and the will of the people, and view the world and China-US relations objectively and rationally, he said.

“We hope the United States will join hands with China to uphold the sound and steady growth of China-US relations. This is the right choice that serves the interests of our two peoples, and the people of the world,” he added.

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