Rumours: SED denies lifting ban on transfers, postings

LAHORE: The Punjab School Education Department (SED) has denied that it lifted the ban on postings and transfers for schoolteachers.

However, an earlier notification said that the decision on cases of posting and transfers, ‘on merit’, will be decided by a board.

According to a notification issued in this regard, “While observing that despite the general ban imposed on Transfer I Postings in the SED, there are still a large number of requests received in this office for allowing transfers in relaxation of the general ban, which are either necessitated by some posts getting vacant due to retirement promotions or due to any other administrative exigencies.”

It further said, “It has also been noted that in some cases, such requests are genuine and feasible without compromising on the departmental key objectives and can be facilitated through corresponding re-adjustments by the administrative department.”

It added, “Keeping in view the above background, the chief minister of Punjab has been pleased to constitute the following board for deciding any requests for transfer/ postings in the SED up to the level of BS-18.”

The three-member board included Punjab school education minister as convener, additional chief secretary as member and SED secretary as a member, who would also act as the secretary of the board. The notification said, “The board shall regularly meet every fortnight and decide upon cases of requests for Transfers/Postings up to BS-18, in relaxation of the general ban, while ensuring that the policy objectives of the Department are not affected in any way.”

However, after news circulated, the SED issued a notification saying, “Some rumours are in the field that the government of Punjab, SED has lifted the ban on transfers/posting.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 21st, 2018.

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