CJP Nisar advises Hamza Shahbaz to move house instead of disturbing neighbors

Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Saqib Nisar has said that Hamza Shahbaz should consider moving to a place where he has adequate protection against perceived threats to his life instead of tormenting the people of the country, Express News reports.

CJP was presiding over the hearing in a case regarding the placement of security barriers on roads to facilitate VVIP movement in Lahore. Earlier, Nisar had taken suo motu notice of the disturbance such protocols caused on the roads.

Chief Secretary Punjab Zahid Saaed, representing the government of Punjab, told the court that barriers have been placed and a gate had been constructed on the road leading up to the entrance of Hamza Shahbaz’s house.

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CJP Nisar expressed displeasure over non-compliance of his orders on the matter, asking the chief secretary why the barriers had not been removed.

“The life of Hamza Shahbaz is in danger. That is why we have placed barriers on the entrance to his house,” Saeed replied.

Nisar reprimanded the secretary again, and told Saaed that the court did not know anyone with the name of Hamza, to which the Punjab government official said that Hamza Shahbaz is the chief minister’s son and a member of Pakistan’s National Assembly (NA).

“Should we not call Hamza Shahbaz and ask him about the threats to his life?” CJP asked in his remarks.

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“Even if there are threats to his life, he should consider moving his residence instead of disturbing the common people. Why do not these people go to places where their lives are not in danger?” he added.

Nisar also noted that even though he was the country’s top judge, there were no barriers outside his house.

CJP directed the secretary to order the immediate removal of the barriers placed outside Hamza Shahbaz’s house and warned of drastic action if he received another complaint regarding it.

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