India has shown the world it can attack militants on Pakistani soil: Home Minister Rajnath Singh

Union Home Minister of India Rajnath Singh said on Sunday that his country has shown it can attack its enemies not only on its own soil, but also in foreign territory, if need be.

Singh was addressing a meeting of ‘Bharatiya Railway Maal Godaam Shramik Sangh’ in Lucknow on Sunday.

Singh’s remarks come almost a week after the Indian Army resorted to unprovoked aggression against Pakistani troops on the Line of Control (LoC), killing and injuring unarmed civilians along the working boundary.

“A few months ago, Pakistan attacked and killed 17 Indian soldiers. Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi consulted all of us on this serious issue, and the Indian Army entered the Pakistani area and killed the militants,” Singh said at the public meeting.

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“We have given a strong message to the world that we can attack our enemies not only on our soil, but also in their territory,” he added.

Singh noted that India wanted to maintain a friendly relationship with its neighbour, but Pakistan ‘was not mending its ways.”

Singh also praised PM Narendra Modi, maintaining that under his leadership, the economy of India was moving ahead at a fast pace.

This article originally appeared on Economic Times

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