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The New Year brings with it new fashion and trends. From new colour palettes to new wearable silhouettes, it’s time to update your wardrobes. As per our forecast, millennial pinks and hues of grey will be replaced by all shades of pastels; predominantly lavender, lilac and soft hues of purple. It’s also time to say goodbye to the off-shoulder trend, peplums and tulip shalwars. We get talking to some of the big names in the industry who reveal the big trends for the year and how they will be incorporated in their collections

Shehla Chatoor

This year, I see a lot of 80’s fashion coming back.  Camouflage, cargo pants and scrunchies are coming back in fashion. I also see a lot of sheer fabrics being incorporated in collections, including chiffons, cotton nets and organza and I would like to see ensembles made from layers of sheer fabrics. I am working on long silk jackets which can be paired with both ethnic and western attire. Although 2017 was all about pink hues, I also see pink this season with a twist in the pastel pile–up like ice blue, mint green, and a lot of lavender and lilac. I think we should ditch the tulip shalwar and embellished kaftans which have been done to death. I personally like the off- shoulder trend, so that can stay.

Ammara Khan

For ready-to-wear fashion at Ammara Khan you will see a lot of delicate floral prints and a strong influence of animal print, along with lots of lace and feminine details. Bridal couture will remain mostly classic with strong, traditional influences. Having said that, at Ammara Khan there is always a perfect harmony in the merging of both classic and contemporary elements. Our use of Swarovski crystal in both lines will be evident. I would want to see a lot of ivory, white and gold in 2018 and I want to see boxy tunics, wraps/kimonos, flared short pants and flowy cullottes in cottons. Modest fashion is big. There’s nothing like being elegantly covered yet chic and stylish. Don’t wear cropped pants that are so short they look distasteful! Figure out the perfect ‘short’ length that suits your frame.

Fahad Hussayn

Trends like fringes and tassels, minimal florals, geometrical and prismatic forms and vibrant prints can be easily foreseen in 2018. I would want to see more organic shades and shape defining silhouettes. The off-shoulder trend needs to die in 2018.

Saira Shakira

For 2018, less is more! Minimalism is our design motto for this year. Less embellished ensembles with more creativity. Simplified looks with straight silhouettes is our fashion forecast for the year. No more tulip shalwars for coming years — we have had an overdose of those. The colour of 2018 has to be lavender/lilac and one thing that will stay forever is the classic white shirt.

Sara Shahid

This year I predict pretty pastels that I have always loved to do. Also, loads of sequins which I love for the summer. Fun and flirty fringe and frill detailing will also be my favourite this year. My silhouettes will incorporate flowy kaftans, bold colours and solids which are also going to be part of my collection.  What I don’t want to see is an overdose of prints, again.

Ali Xeeshan

This year I want to see more head-to-toe solid colours rather than prints. Shades of violet and lilac will predominantly be the colour for 2018 and I will be very sad and disappointed if I see tulip shalwars this year.

Nickie Nina

For this year we are working on both, very short and long, flowy silhouettes. We would like to see bright and colourful apparels this year. Classic shalwars should make a comeback and we definitely don’t want to see off-shoulders in 2018.

Tabassum Mughal

This coming Spring, pinks and yellows will be strong along with soft shades like lavender and ice cream hues. Bold, checkered and geometric prints with a mash of florals and designs associated with various cultures will be infused as a single print. Clashing prints with bright colours will make a comeback for fashion gurus. A lot of transparent and sheer fabrics will be headlining in collections. Fabric manipulation with different cuts and fringing using different techniques will be in vogue, along with bold metal accessories to create a high fashion couture look. Along with experimenting with fusion cuts, we need to dive into brighter colour palettes. I probably wouldn’t want to see tulips shalwars and conversational prints as that’s overly done. Time to move forward! I would say yes to strong shoulders, fun sparkly pieces and sheer fabrics. On the other hand, a big no to peplum cuts and cold shoulder as they aren’t for every body shape and are very 2017!

Yasmin Zaman

2018’s high street fashion will be inspired by the 70’s. We will see more sheer fabrics in the summer and denim and velvet in the cooler months. I’d like to see brighter hues and straighter silhouettes. No more grey and let’s please shelve the peplum. A bold accessory turns the glam quotient up on a casual outfit, so opt for more statement accessorising. Do away with organza ties and waist bands.

Natasha Kamal

Once considered a fashion faux pas, the red and pink duo will be one of the trending combos this year, so do try it out! As much as we love them, chokers and off shoulder tops have had their run and now it’s time to let them go. I hope I don’t see mashed up prints or lacy frills! I would like to see crisp austere minimalism in bold colours. I predict an abundance of florals and soft pastel hues will be hitting the racks in the upcoming season.

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