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Imran Abbas may have been academically trained to be an architect but he is known more for his good looks and acting skills; not just on Pakistan’s silver screen but on the big screen across the border. He has worked with some of the finest directors including Vikram Bhatt , Muzaffar Ali and Karan Johar and was nominated for FilmFare’s best male debut award. Imran is a classically trained singer and feels music is one of the most important elements in a film

What has been your most rewarding project?

I believe that reward isn’t always monetary; it’s also the respect and love I receive from people and fans. Having said that, if I were to choose one rewarding project of my career, I would have to choose Khuda and Mohabbat, which got me a lot of respect, love, name and recognition so much so that even till now, people associate me with that more than with any of the other films I’ve worked on.

Do you google yourself and what is your reaction to the search results?

Yes, I do Google myself at least twice a week, sometimes more. Every day I find something new written about me on Google. Sometimes, I’m surprised to read obnoxious rumours about myself that I’m not aware of but other times I am pleasantly surprised by the international attention from fans around the world. I have come to terms with the fact that as a celebrity, I will always find information online that is supportive and some that will be discouraging to read. However, it’s always good to know that I am often spoken about which keeps me relevant constantly.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

I wish to have the power to change people’s mindsets. A special force that would aid me in educating people and affecting them positively. It is rather sad to see people who are so adamant on being stubborn and resisting progress and supporting extremist views. So yeah, I definitely want the power, and the knowledge to change the way people think.

Something you’ve always wanted to try but have been reluctant to do so?

Even though I have flown aircrafts, I have an extreme fear of height. I can’t bring myself to look down from a cliff, a mountain or even from a tall building. I’ve always wanted to go bungee jumping and para trooping but my fear of heights always stops me from trying these adventurous activities.

One accomplishment you are most proud of?

I believe I’m proud of the fact that I have somehow learned to disconnect myself from something that I know does not need my thoughts, energy and attention. It’s a big accomplishment for anyone to be able to control their mind and thoughts. Also, I am proud of a lot of goals I’ve achieved, especially those that people often discouraged me from doing or thought I wasn’t capable of.

Your reaction when you were signed for ADHM?

I was excited, of course. Karan Johar and Dharma Productions approached me personally so that was a big deal on its own. Other than that, I treated this opportunity just like any other movie offer, considering I already had experience working in movies before.

Know it all or have it all?

Have it all! Sometimes, knowing too much can be harmful.

Would you rather be the most intelligent or funniest person in the room?

Definitely funny!

Three things which tick you off about a person?

Lack of IQ, bad sense of humour, and bad taste in music.

Three words for your co-star Bipasha Bhasu?

Hot, fitness-oriented and extremely funny.

Three words for your co star Anushka Sharma?

An effortless actress, successful, intelligent and very updated on current affairs.

Three qualities you look for in a friend?

Sincerity, loyalty, and non-judgmental.

Who do you text the most?

I don’t text because I’m very bad at it. I just end up sending voice notes.

One person who has inspired you the most?

Surprisingly, no one has really inspired me that much. When I start to get to know more people, I realise that everyone is imperfect to some extent, which takes away their inspirational streak. I haven’t met any living being so far who has inspired me yet.

What are the three signs of beauty in a woman for you?

Great communication skills, her smile and mystery.

What are the few childhood memories that shaped you? 

My mother has always encouraged me to become an artist because she knew I was a talented painter. She would take me to various exhibitions, including my own. At one of my exhibitions, someone came to me to ask for my autograph when I was just six years old because of my distinct painting talent. That’s when my mother realised that I had to be paid special attention to in order to hone my skills. I also knew, deep down inside, that I had it in me to make it big, which is why I would only associate myself with established artists like Mehdi Hasan and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, from a very young age. A lot of poets, including Ahmed Faraz and Parveen Shakir, used to visit my house very often as well and I would thoroughly enjoy their presence. So, I have to credit them a lot for shaping my personality because I have learned so much of how to conduct myself from them and from these various events in my childhood.

Are you ever jealous of another actor’s success?

Jealousy is the last thing to expect from me. Everyone has their own journey and jealousy only exists where two people have the exact same path, which is quite impossible. I don’t need to compare myself to anyone because I think being supportive is way better and requires no negative energy; rather, it helps me stay happy and in peace.

Have you failed at anything?

Yes. I failed to save my sister’s life when she was in bad health. That is when I realised, neither money nor any other kind of effort help because as humans we don’t have control over what God has in store for us. This incident was a real eye opener for me. Additionally, I firmly believe that failures are a natural part of everyone’s lives and they help all of us understand ourselves and our journeys better.

What do you fear?

Being dependent-emotionally, physically, mentally and financially.

What gratifies you the most?

Spending time with my parents.

Three things no one knows about you?

I still buy my own groceries, I’m big on having me time, and I am a real scatter brain!

Three most significant things in your life?

I cherish my family the most, followed by my independence and my efforts to always remain happy and positive.

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