No evidence of Naqeebullah being a criminal: DIG Sultan Khawaja

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) East Sultan Khawaja on Monday said no evidence has been found of Naqeebullah being a criminal.

Addressing a media briefing in Karachi, DIG Khawaja said there was no evidence found that supports Naqeeb was a terrorist. He added that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police has been unable to find any proof stating Naqeeb carried out criminal activities.

Authorities assured they will take the case forward in a transparent way based on the statement given by Naqeeb’s family.

During the briefing, investigation committee member Sultan questioned who picked Naqeeb up and the police wants to know on what basis did they pick him up. “We want to know Rao Anwar and his team’s prerogative but his phone is turned off.”

Further, DIG Khawaja raised questions over the suicide attack on Rao Anwar, stating that the situation looks questionable. He said in a suicide attack the attacker does not die of being burnt and this has to be investigated deeply.

Inquiry officials claim Anwar not cooperating

The inquiry committee officials on Sunday accused SSP Rao Anwar of not cooperating with them, while the officer claimed that a conspiracy was being hatched against him.

Inquiry committee officials said SSP Anwar has been called multiple times to produce evidence against Naqeebullah and to prove his own innocence, but the SSP was not cooperating with the committee and has still failed to prove that Naqeemullah was a terrorist.

SSP Anwar and his team are currently facing a departmental inquiry for conducting an alleged fake encounter in the Shah Latif Town area of Karachi on January 13, in which four men they claimed were militants were killed. One of the dead was Naqeebullah.

According to witnesses and relatives, Naqeebullah was abducted on January 3 from the Sohrab Goth area of the port city.

Sindh Inspector-General of Police Allah Dino Khawaja constituted a three-member inquiry committee headed by CTD Additional IG Sanaullah Abbasi after the family of the victim claimed that Naqeebullah was killed in an extrajudicial killing.

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