I really want to perform in Pakistan; Trump should back off: Diplo

Sit tight, music enthusiasts because American DJ and record producer Diplo is all set to return to Pakistan next month!

However, in a video that has surfaced recently, the Grammy winner thinks Donald Trump has the wrong idea on how to change the landscape of our country, reported TMZ.

When asked about his thoughts on Trump cutting off Pakistan’s aid and him performing in the country next month, Diplo said, “Well, we’ve been giving aid to Pakistan for many, many years. I hope it doesn’t affect the show.”

Diplo to perform in Pakistan next year

“I really want to do a show in Pakistan. I think the best way of any kind of diplomacy with Pakistani people is with music. And the concert should be like any other show we do with kids,” he added.

So, does Diplo think he will be making a difference by performing here? “I think the most important thing for America is to make a good connection with Pakistani people and the youth since we are so estranged from them right now,” said the singer. “On one hand we have the socio-political element where you have to deal with infrastructure and Afghanistan, but if we give them the right assets like education, they can grow and be our allies on a personal level, not just legislature.”

Talking about Trump’s tweet regarding cutting off Pakistan’s aid, the 39-year-old hoped it to be a joke. “Trump should back off. I hope Twitter blocks him at some point for harassment,” said Diplo.

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The concert, which consists of an incredible line-up of local as well international musicians, will be held on February 3 in Islamabad. Diplo will be performing as part of his trio Major Lazer. Joining him will be Chrome Sparks, Valentino Khan, ZoH, as well as Pakistani counterparts Adil Omar and Talal Qureshi (SNKM), Lyari Underground, Shamoon Ismail, Haider Mustehsan, Mikki Murshed and Osama Com Laude.

The Grammy winner last came to Pakistan in 2016, when he performed in Islamabad. Amidst SNKM’s individual projects, both Omar and Qureshi confirm that there is more to look forward to from SNKM as a band and production/songwriting duo in 2018, following their performance at MDBP Pakistan.

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