Corps commander's role in improving water supply lauded

Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) Vice-President Aziz Suharwardy lauded on Monday the role of the corps commander in reducing VIP culture in Defence Housing Authority (DHA).

A meeting of DHA residents was held in the CBC boardroom during which Suharwardy informed the residents that the incumbent corps commander had stopped the supply of extra water to VIPs for the first time in CBC’s history. This water had now been diverted to residents’ houses, he said.

Addressing the DHA residents’ reservations, the CBC VP said that with the support of the corps commander, station commander and Executive Officer Dr Sajjad, planning for enhancing the water supply in the area was under way. According to Suharwardy, water supply was increased to as many as 10,000 residents since April, 2017.

Suharwardy informed the residents that as per a report, 14 million gallons per day (MGD) was the CBC’s requirement against which the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board was supplying only 6.5MGD on average. The VP also apprised the residents about the plan to set up four reverse osmosis (RO) plants for augmenting the supply of water to CBC residents.

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If all went as scheduled, the first RO plant would start functioning in six to eight months, Suharwardy claimed. He added that each RO plant would allow the cantonment board to provide 100 more tankers daily to the residents.

The residents appreciated the efforts being put in by the CBC to solve the issue of water shortage in the area.New

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