DC orders unsealing of 30 shops on Kasi Road

QUETTA: The Quetta deputy commissioner has ordered unsealing of 30 shops on Kasi Road that had been sealed indefinitely due to trespassing and encroachments.

A delegation of Balochistan Traders Association (BTA), comprising central president Raheem Agha, Haji Ashiq Achakzai, Haji Naseeruddin Kakar, Malik Akram Bungalzai, Haji Musa Khan Tareen, and others met Quetta DC Capt (retd) Farrukh Atiq in a bid to reopen the sealed shops.

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The deputy commissioner ordered unsealing of the shops after BTA president assured him of compliance of rules and restraining from encroachments.

Agha praised the deputy commissioner for his kind consideration and advised traders to refrain from encroachments. “The Association will not support the traders who engage in encroachments,” he said. The meeting ended with prayers for deceased wife of Dr Bahadur Khan Tareen, a notable trader of the association.

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