Trump mimics Modi’s Marathi accent

US President Donald Trump was heard imitating Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s accent when relaying comments made by the premier.

The two head representatives have been seen making enthusiastic embraces and stressing policy unanimity. The warm exchanges have become more frequent, after Modi’s repeated visits to the Oval Office. Their relationship has revitalised, with every scathing remark made by Trump against Pakistan.

Trump uses slur to describe immigrants from Haiti, Africa

However, Trump’s recent ‘slur’ might have landed the warm exchanges in hot waters. A report claims that Trump imitates Modi’s Indian accent when referring to the comments made by him. The report comes shortly after Trump was allegedly heard using the phrase “Shit-hole countries” to describe Haiti and other African nations.

The Washington Post reported Trump’s demeanor in the background of US’s provision of additional troops to Afghanistan, where it now claims to be adopting a non-combat role.

The details shared reveal that Trump imitated the accent of Modi, who can converse in English proficiently, but chooses to speak in his native Hindi. He also claimed that Modi told him “Never has a country given so much away for so little in return” – as the US in Afghanistan.

Trump asserted that Modi’s comment was a testament to the world community that the US is being taken advantage of, in Afghanistan.

Imran versus Trump

The White House and the State Department have not responded to questions regarding the validity of this claim. Their counterpart officials have also not reacted to the claim.

Despite momentary silence from both ends, it is safe to say that this would not be the first time Trump has put on a fake accent publicly. During his election campaign, in Spring 2016, Trump used a tone to ridicule a federal Indian representative. He had jokingly added that he had called his credit card firm to ask whether their call centre was based in the US or ‘overseas’.

This article originally appeared in The Times of India

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