Nation demands Zainab's culprit to be hanged publicly

Recent developments in Zainab’s murder case have come forward. Earlier, her horrendous murder caused an uproar all across the nation, demanding for the culprit to be found soon.

The accused, Imran Ali was arrested today for his involvement in the rape and murder of Zainab. According to Express News, police officials claim that he has now confessed to the crime.

Initial reports revealed that he was Zainab’s neighbour. He had previously been arrested in the case but was released.

Celebrities, cricketers and politicians came forth applauding the government’s efforts in catching the criminal. Now they, along with the people of Pakistan are demanding for Ali to be publicly hanged.


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If the rapist is proven guilty, we demand a capital punishment. #justiceforzainab #justiceforeverychild

— Annie Khalid (@annie_khalid) January 23, 2018

Great news! Zainabs murderer held, now should be hanged in public with in no time, this should be an example. Enough is enough! #JusticeForZainab

— Farhan Saeed (@farhan_saeed) January 23, 2018


I am in favour of public hanging of this monster, there is nothing more than humanity that is important but when a child is tortured and killed, set an example for other men! #JusticeForZainab

— Sidra Aziz (@NamkeenJalebi) January 23, 2018

Had it not been for an international outrage and everyone shouting at once, no murderer would have been caught by incompetent government and officers of ours! #JusticeForZainab

— Sidra Aziz (@NamkeenJalebi) January 23, 2018

Zainab's killer has been nabbed!

Feels like such a triumph. #JusticeForZainab

— Sikander F. Bhadera (@SikanderFayyaz) January 23, 2018

Justice should be served and SHAME ON HIM! this culprit should be given the most strict punishment for ashaming humanity so that no one ever dares to even think about it. #JusticeForZainab #WeStandWithZainab

— Shoaib Akhtar (@shoaib100mph) January 23, 2018

Zainab 's rapist has been caught
Hang him to death publically
no Mercy for him
I repeat "Hang him to death publically #JusticeForZainab

— Dr. Aliya Kareem (@DrAliya7) January 23, 2018


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