Hafiz Saeed asks UN to visit JuD offices

LAHORE: Claiming that he and his organisation are not involved in any terrorist activity, the Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) chief Hafiz Saeed has requested the United Nations to send its official to visit JuD offices around the country.

“The functions of JuD are not hidden in Pakistan. Everyone can observe our humanitarian work and activities,” Saeed said on Tuesday while addressing a press conference at JuD office.

US irked by release of Hafiz Saeed

“Actually Indians as well as our officials on important posts are against us, but we are standing here with dignity and pride and will never let down the Kashmir cause,” he said.

He said the interior minister of Pakistan instead of following the court orders, is giving false statements against JuD under the ‘influence of the Indian propaganda’. “I asked them to read the court orders if they have time,” he said, adding: “If the US orders them, they can again arrest me.”

He said India and the US both feel threatened by Pakistan’s atomic assets “and I warn you that issue is not Hafiz Saeed but our atomic assets.”

The JuD chief said the government of Pakistan arrested him as he announced struggle for Kashmir at a higher level; simultaneously, he said, India detained Kashmir’s Hurriyet leaders.

“We have already declared 2018 as Kashmir Independence year and will start gatherings at every corner of the country in order to raise voice for the occupied Kashmir,” he added.

The Lahore High Court on Wednesday had ordered Saeed’s release

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