MQM-Pakistan reopens two offices in Karachi as ties with PML-N improve

KARACHI  : Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Pakistan has reopened its offices in Lines Area and Orangi, Karachi as its rift with Pakistan Muslim-League (PML-N) begins to heal, sources said on Wednesday.

Sources say backdoor reconciliation between the two parties has led to the Centre giving MQM the green-light to have some of its offices in Karachi and Hyderabad handed back, Roznama Express has learnt.

MQM spokesperson Ameen-ul-Haq told Express that the federal and Sindh governments have allowed reopening a few sealed offices after clearance and it is expected that permission to reopen other offices will also be given.

He said that out of the four Senate seats, MQM-P is expected to win three seats while for the fourth seat, talks are being held with other parliamentary parties.

Haq added that the party will soon start its mass contact campaign for the elections. He said that so far, the MQM-P is not entering into alliance with any party.

The apparent warmth in the relations is primarily due to the fact that the MQM hasn’t been extending support to Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT).

The party has been leading a campaign against the ruling party for its alleged involvement in the Model Town tragedy wherein 14 political workers were killed.

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A source close to MQM-P said that back channel talks between the two parties have been ongoing for the past two months. Practically, the Karachi-based party has sidelined itself from PAT’s protests.

However, credible sources say the party will not be allowed to reopen all of its offices, with the Centre conveying that offices where suspicious activities took place won’t be allowed to reopen.

Sources revealed a key personality of Sindh had played an important role in establishing the contacts.

It has also been clearly conveyed that the party’s headquarters Nine Zero will not be opened, nor any permission will be granted for political activities at the premises.

The federal government is adamant to carryout an operation against criminal elements, regardless of their affiliation.

While the party is expecting 10 of its offices will be reopened, insiders say it won’t be given the clearance for the same.

Meanwhile, MQM-P has decided not to enter into any alliance for reclaiming the three Senate seats which fell vacant after the retirement of its four senators.

But for one of the Senate seats, it has decided to contact the political parties of Sindh, excluding Pakistan People’s Party. A temporary alliance between MQM-P and PML-N for the Senate elections is expected.

On a possible alliance between MQM-P and Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP), sources said chances of a seat adjustment couldn’t be ruled out.

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