Pakistan calls for 'clear Afghan policy' as Trump administration moves to mend ties

KARACHI: As the United States moves to employ diplomatic contacts to mend bilateral ties, Pakistan has once again sought clarity relating to President Donald Trump’s policy on Afghanistan, Roznama Express has learnt.

After Afghanistan, sources said, the US has also initiated contacts to renew the process of dialogue. Pakistan has insisted that the Trump administration needs to chalk out a clear policy whether it wants to resolve the Afghan dispute by force or through dialogue.

Islamabad has reasserted that the administration wouldn’t be able to establish peace in the country by employing both the options simultaneously.

Pakistan holds the stance that reconciliation is the key to resolve the conflict and that it will play its due role to achieve peace, keeping in view its own national interests.

Insiders said Pakistan’s firm stance following Trump’s tirade, accusing the former of deceit and harbouring terrorists, has led to the US softening its stance.

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The Trump administration has agreed to address the reservations. American officials have also stressed Pakistan’s renewed role in the Afghan process.

Islamabad has also conveyed its apprehension on the do more policy. It would be difficult for Pakistan to extend cooperation if America does not adopt an equal policy, sources added.

Insiders also said that on one hand, Washington accuses Islamabad of sheltering terrorist outfits, and on the other, it wants restoration of dialogue in Afghanistan coupled with the use of force.

Sources further said that as a result of the ongoing contacts, a four-nation group for restoring talks between the Kabul government and the Taliban, may come into being.

Backdoor contacts, they added, are ongoing between the all stakeholders in Afghanistan, but a breakthrough is not expected soon.

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