As coalition haggling resumes, Merkel races to stop power ebbing

BERLIN: Chancellor Angela Merkel embarks Friday on the last stretch of tortuous negotiations to forge a government for Germany, in a race against time to stop her power slipping away at home and abroad.

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With the jury still out and the risk of snap elections still looming, Merkel is anxious to stop the process from dragging.

In Germany, questions are being raised about the autumn of her reign, even if no serious candidate has emerged to rival her.

Macron boosts Merkel ahead of key coalition vote

Nowhere was the contrast between Macron and Merkel’s position more obvious than at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting of political and economic leaders in Davos this week, where analysts said the French leader stole the show from the veteran chancellor.

“Merkel’s position could be further weakened on the international stage – at least that’s the impression given at Davos,” noted Spiegel weekly, noting that “Macron meanwhile is increasingly taking on the role of the leader of the Europeans”.

In fact, Merkel herself acknowledged to the Davos crowd that the political impasse in Germany is hampering Europe’s biggest economy from taking action.

She was impressed by “how things have changed in four months, at how the world is developing quickly and that a country that wants to contribute to shaping globalisation needs to be able to act 24 hours a day,” she said.

After Merkel’s bid to form a government with the smaller left-leaning Greens and pro-business FDP fell through, she was forced to woo back erstwhile partner the SPD.

Merkel readies for intense German coalition talks after tight SPD vote

To have a chance at winning the party base’s approval, Schulz and the SPD leadership would therefore have to extract further concessions from the conservatives, including tougher restrictions on short-term work contracts or a universal health insurance system.

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  • Macron boosts Merkel ahead of key coalition vote

    Macron's wants to see EU with a joint budget and a common eurozone finance minister

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