Fans go balistic after hearing Drake say 'Insha Allah'

Canadian rapper Drake is adored by people around the world. He recently released two new tracks from his album Scary Hours, one titled Diplomatic Immunity. Upon hearing the song, some of the fans – Muslim fans mainly – lost their cool.

According to Step Feed, The 31-year-old singer used ‘Insha Allah’ in the track and Muslim girls couldn’t stop themselves from fangirling over the rapper.


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The lyrics of the song, ‘The TV playing Al Jazeera… insha Allah, I hope the mission keeps on getting clearer…” gave birth to some very interesting tweets.

If drake says inshallah one more time I’m dragging him to the mosque and we’re getting married idc

— henood (@hendandhoney) January 20, 2018

Drake: Inshallah

— a.g (@ayavatar_) January 21, 2018

when i heard Drake say inshallah

— Lejla K (@lejkisija) January 24, 2018

When Drake says " Inshallah I hope the mission keeps becoming clearer"

— World (@Dun___Dun) January 21, 2018

Drake said Inshallah. 2018 is gonna be a good year #iA

— Tashfia (@tashlificent) January 20, 2018

Drake gotta change his name from Champagne Papi to Zamzam Sheikh after saying Inshallah on Diplomatic Immunity

— King Moose (@Mooose22) January 20, 2018

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