Halal 'love camp' in Malaysia for single Muslims

Remember the Salaam Swipe app that offers ‘halal’ dating for Muslims! A ‘love camp’ in Malaysia is now offering ‘halal’ companionship for single Muslims.

The heartache of facing life alone has driven a 40-year-old widow in the country has come up with this idea.

Salaam Swipe app offers ‘halal’ dating for Muslims

Businesswoman Nor Daayah Abdullah, 40, said the one-day camp called “Kem Dapat Jodoh” (Get a soulmate camp) aims to help fellow Muslims build their confidence in their quest to find the right one.

“I understand what it’s like being alone because my husband passed away one year ago and we had no child together,” she said on Thursday.

Nor Daayah, also a business trainer, is aware of the issues surrounding the dating scene among Muslims, particularly in cyberspace.

“I have joined several online dating groups and many have portrayed themselves as single when they, in fact, were not.

“That’s when I decided to come up with this idea to help those who genuinely want to find a life partner without being scammed,” Nor Daayah added.

She said the camp will be filled with talks by experienced motivational speakers on how to improve themselves before finding their partners.

“The participants will get to learn how to prepare themselves physically, mentally and financially before marriage and how to overcome their shortcomings.

“Then, later in the afternoon, we will organise a ‘halal’ speed dating for them,” she said.

Nor Daayah said the response to the camp has been overwhelming especially after a flyer detailing about it went viral on social media.

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“Our phone has been ringing non-stop. Many are eager to be part of this event,” she said.

However, in order to join the camp, the participant must be single and Muslim.

“Married Muslims are strictly not allowed,” she said.


This story originally appeared on The Straits Times.

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