Muslim woman to lead Friday prayers in India

In a first, a Muslim woman will lead the Friday prayers in the Indian state of Kerala on Friday.

Jamida Teacher, state general secretary of Quran and Sunnat society, will be the Imam for Friday prayers to be held at society headquarters at Cherukode in Malappuram district.

Jamida will also be leading the khutba (speech during prayer).

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Usually, men lead Friday prayers everywhere in India. “Through this decision patriarchy is being questioned,” says Jamida.

“There is no discrimination between men and women in any of the religious acts of Islam. Discrimination was introduced by male Muslim scholars,” Jamida noted.

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The Quran and Sunnat society was founded by progressive religious cleric Chekannur Maulavi, who was famous for his controversial and unconventional interpretation of Islam. He disappeared in 1993 under mysterious circumstances and is now believed to be dead.

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