American kids try Pakistani snacks for the first time and their reactions are just too cute!

Chilli Mili, Cocomo and Maggi noodles are some of the most famous snacks from Pakistan; staples in literally every Pakistani household.

But, obviously, they aren’t very well known internationally. So when we came across this video which had some adorable American kids trying these tasty treats, we knew we had to share it with you.

Here is the list of snacks they tried:

1. Cocomo

2. Shezan Mango Juice

3. Chilli Mili

4. Maggi noodles


First up, they tried cocomo.


To no surprise, the kids loved the chocolatey treat and couldn’t get enough of it. One of the girls even tried hiding some in her pockets!

Next came the Shezan Mango Juice.


Just like all of us, the American kids loved the sweet and tangy flavour of one of the most famous juice in Pakistan. Sadly, due to limited stock, two of them had to share and weren’t too happy about it!

One of the child stars had fun squirting the juice around as well.

After the juice, the kids moved on to Chilli Mili, another nation-wide favourite.


Not surprisingly, most of the kids found the candy to be a tad bit to spicy considering the food they are used to and had to reach out for a glass of water.

Lastly, the kids tried the Maggi or “Top Ramen,”  as one of them called it. But the noodles were a bit too spicy for their tastes again.

This video is seriously just too cute for words!

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