Dabur Red’s emotional TVC gives a fundamental message

We should keep in mind that the easy fixes we adopt to tackle tooth ache can have long term damaging results. Sometimes we may even end up saying goodbye to our tooth. Therefore, we should understand the essential link between dental hygiene and our general health.

Dabur‘s new Red toothpaste TVC educates the audience about this connection using an instructive #IgnoreNahiDuurKero. But why is the brand particularly emphasising this association? The answer lies in our daily routine. Like the kid’s mom in the TVC, we tend to ignore a toothache till it worsens. Dabur is imploring us to be more attentive about our health.

The coolest thing about the TVC is the heart warming way in which it sheds light on children’s sensibility and their ability to pick up things from their parents. While we stand true to the slogan of IgnoreNahiDuurKero, most of the problems associated with toothache can easily be avoided.

Dabur has invented a perfect alternative to traditional medicines and contemporary pharmaceutical technology that is a panacea for numerous oral problems.

Dabur conducted extensive scientific tests on 13 ingredients traditionally known for easing dental problems to test their efficacy.  The laboratory results were further corroborated by external parties. These findings were in turn used by Dabur to come up with an Ayurvedic product that combats plaque, odour, cavity, bleeding and gingivitis.

The most important takeaway from this commercial is that toothache is not caused overnight and it cannot be cured overnight either.  Years of negligence on our part lead to dental issues like bleeding, swelling, mouth odour and sensitivity. Hence, you should look for toothpastes like Dabur new Red toothpaste that contain 13 salubrious ingredients such as Lavang, Pudina and Tomar.

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