Zainab's alleged murderer, rapist's previous criminal record comes to light

Imran Ali, was arrested in Kasur for allegedly raping and murdering minor girls in Kasur had a previous criminal record, reported Express News.

Ali, 24, who was arrested after the rape and murder of eight-year old Zainab in Kasur has a criminal record in Rawalpindi. According to Express News, a case was registered against him in Rawalpindi’s Saidpur area for kidnapping a married woman.

Banni Police Station filed an FIR against Ali on August 30, 2017. However, after the victim’s family members forgave Ali, he was asked to pay a bail for Rs50,000 and set free.

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Zainab had been kidnapped on January 4 from near her aunt’s house in Kasur. Her body was discovered five days later from a garbage heap. The post-mortem report revealed that she had been raped before her murder.

Ali was arrested on January 23, following which police officials claimed that he confessed to the crime. He was arrested on the basis of his DNA test after a two-week-long probe.

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