Dubai brews largest cup of 'karak chai' in the world

Dubai, has just become the scene for a new world record – the largest cup of a popular tea, namely karak chai, in the world.

With the weather continuing to remain cool, visitors at the Global Village received a warm welcome with free cups of karak chai served fresh from the largest cup of tea itself that contained 5,000 litres of fresh karak chai.

The tea cup has been declared the largest in the world surpassing the earlier record set last year (few months back) in Shanghai, China, which was of 4,050 litres of tea.

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Placed in an open amphitheatre opposite the Pakistani pavilion, the giant white colour tea cup has a height of 3.66 metres, a top inner diameter of 1.42 metres. The cup will remain on display at the Global Village until Feb 1.

A team of 138 chefs from different hotels and restaurants of Dubai began preparing the tea from 9am onwards at 70 cooking stations.

“We managed to get the tea ready by 3pm and that was the first tasting session to see if our karak chai formula worked well.”

Chefs who helped prepare the largest cup of tea in the world were part of the Emirates Culinary Guild and were led by Uwe Micheel, president of the guild and assistant vice-president of World Association of Chefs Societies.

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“To get the perfect taste we prepared 500 different sets of ingredients and then mixed it in one big cup. We have heating coil placed inside the cup to keep the tea hot and also have some tools to stir the tea inside the cup,” said Micheel, the head chef.

The temperature of the cup is maintained at 80 degree Celsius and was served free to over 45,000 guests at Global Village at an average serving of 100ml in each cup.

The ingredients were all brewed together for several hours to create the most authentic karak chai.

Bader Anwahi, CEO of Global Village, said: “It is a special moment for us to have achieved the Guinness world record title… we are proud of achieving the new record which shows our drive to be the best in the world.”

This article originally appeared on Khaleej Times

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