Heartbroken Indian girl films her own death, sends video to lover

A love-struck Indian girl sent her suicide video to her paramour in India’s Maharashtra on Saturday, Express News reported quoting an Indian news agency.

Nisha Devi, the girl in question, had apparently been betrayed by her beloved, consequently, leading to her sending the video of the act to him.

Devi was in love with Nikhil Borkar who had promised to marry her. However, he refused to do so after engaging in sexual relations with her.

Subsequently, after Borkar’s refusal, she documented taking her own life using her cellphone.

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Nisha’s brother said that she was taken to a nearby hospital but to no avail as she succumbed to the poison she had ingested.

After coming to know about the whole episode by watching the suicide video, the victim’s brother claimed that Borkar was responsible for her death.

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