Quest for perfect selfie with train sends Indian boy to hospital

The obsession of going to extreme lengths in the quest for reckless selfies for a short-lived fame on social media has left many youngsters dead and injured across the globe. A similar incident of taking a selfie on a railway track has left a young man seriously injured in India.

The majority of selfie deaths across the world have taken place in India with most case relating to trains, BBC reported on Friday.

The self-filmed video of Gym trainer T Siva, who was hit by a Multi-Modal Transport System (MMTS) train in Hyderabad, has been viewed thousands of times online.

The incident took place near Borabanda railway station after Siva ignored warnings from a passerby and the train driver on 21 January. He narrowly survived the incident but suffered serious head injuries.

Indian student dies after attempted selfie with approaching train

A court later fined him 500 Indian rupees.

The 21-second-long video, which has since been shared thousands of times on Facebook, shows Siva standing in the foreground as an MMTS train approaches.

Despite an audible warning from a person nearby and a repeated horn blaring from the train, the youngster does not move and continues filming, saying “one minute”.

The train strikes him on the right side of his head and body and the phone falls to the ground.

Out of the five young men, four belonged to the same village in Punjab’s Gujrat district

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