New CCTV footage in Intizar murder case surfaces

KARACHI: A CCTV footage of moments before Intizar Ahmed was shot dead by Anti-Car Lifting Cell (ACLC) personnel in Karachi’s Defence Housing Authority (DHA) surfaced on Sunday.

The video shows ACLC officials in two cars and two motorcycles stopping Intizar’s car, checking inside to confirm the presence before opening fire.

According to the victim’s father, the complete footage is yet to be provided. He added that the available footage suggests it was a ‘planned’ murder.

Intizar was shot dead on January 13 at Khayaban-e-Ittehad after the officials and personnel of ACLC resorted to indiscriminate fire at a White Corolla, killing the victim on the spot. Although the police had initially claimed that the boy was killed in an act of targeted killing by at least two armed assailants riding a motorcycle, it was later revealed that the ACLC officials and personnel were behind the brutal murder of Intizar.

The police have obtained the initial forensic report of the weapons used in the incident, which revealed that two 9mm official pistols were used in the incident. Police said that one weapon had fired 12 rounds, while the other six.

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Meanwhile, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan arrived at the victim’s house to pay condolences.

Addressing the media after meeting with Intizar’s family, Khan said that if Intizar’s family had every right to speak out and seek help if they were not happy with the police probe. “It was a cold-blooded murder,” Imran said.



On the victims' father's demand, the police traced and approached girl accompanied by Intizar when he was shot dead

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