Working women doing most of their shopping online as e-commerce booms in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The trend of online shopping is gaining popularity in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, as else where in the country, due to massive promotional usage of social media marketing as a tool to attract citizens to buy accessories of their choice.

Female customers’ intention to shop online is increasing due to the convenience, one-stop solution, free and fast home delivery, time saving and affordability that e-commerce offers to perspective shoppers.

A variety of products, like fashion accessories, home textile products, clothing, jewelry, mobile phones, laptops, cosmetics, shoes, handbags, electronics etc are all easily available, just on one call.

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Rabia Anum, a regular online shopper said, “I think online shopping is easier than going to markets and getting stuck in a traffic jam.”

She added that shopping had become much more simple due to the mushroom growth of online markets.

Another shopper, Sehnaz said, “Internet access is in reach of every one now in twin cities. I really enjoy online shopping as the most important aspect of online shopping is discount.”

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People are becoming addicted to online shopping, as one can have full knowledge about any product while sitting in office or at home, she notes.

“Mostly working women avail this facility for shopping as this practice save their time and energy.”

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