Imran Khan links ‘extrajudicial killing’ by Rao Anwar to politicians

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan has claimed that former SSP Malir Rao Anwar had carried out ‘extrajudicial killings’ at the behest of politicians.

Addressing a mourning jirga, held in Karachi on Sunday to protest the alleged extrajudicial murder of Naseemullah alia Naqeebullah Mehsud, Khan said the truth about Anwar’s unlawful activities had been revealed, demanding action against what he claimed his political handlers, Express News reported.

“Murderers like Rao Anwar should be handed down severe punishments… he was backed by politicians to carry out heinous crimes against the masses,” he stated.

The PTI chief said Anwar was behind the murders of several innocent civilians but managed to escape from the clutches of law. However, due to timely protest of Naqeeb’s family, public outcry and sou motu notice by the chief justice, the real face of the controversial police officer had been revealed.

Calling Anwar a wolf in sheep’s clothing, the PTI chief claimed that he was responsible for the murders of 440 innocent civilians.

“Rao Anwar should be handed down severe punishment so that no father would hear the news of his son’s murder in the future,” he demanded.

It was ‘coordinated fake encounter’ of Naqeebullah by Rao Anwar, his police team: inquiry report

The statement came the same day when an inquiry report in the high-profile alleged encounter of Naqeebullah had revealed that it was a “coordinated fake encounter”.

The probe committee described eyewitnesses’ accounts saying Naqeebullah was “picked up” along with two others – Hazrat Ali and Qasim – on January 3 by plain clothed men and taken to Sachal Police Post before being moved to another location.

They were illegally detained and tortured until January 6 when the eyewitnesses were released while Naqeebullah remained in the custody. The eyewitnesses added that they came to know about the Naqeebullah’s encounter from the media on January 17 as did his family who, soon after, negated claims made by the former SSP Malir that Naqeebullah was a “terrorist”.

Khan also visited the residences of famous celebrity chef Zubaida Apa, who had recently passed away, and Intizar Hussain, another victim of police brutality, to offer condolences to the two families in his tour of Karachi on Sunday.

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