Misunderstandings with US to subside soon: Aizaz Chaudhry

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry on Monday said the misunderstandings between US and Pakistan will subside soon.

A new website was launched at Pakistani diplomatic enclave in US to ease the process of visa application. Addressing the media, Aizaz said that the website is going to help better Pakistan-US relations via updating foreign relations and current happenings between the two states.

Pakistan-US relations depend on revision of Trump’s do-more policy: sources

Aizaz also said he believes there are no safe havens for terrorists in Pakistan and we have carried a lot of sacrifices to ensure that these sanctuaries are completely destroyed. Once this misunderstanding is resolved, corporate sector of the US will also start investing in Pakistan again.

Aizaz said Pakistan is willing to cooperate over Afghanistan issue as Pakistan has been biggest the victim of this war throughout. He subsequently said that Pakistan should not only been seen through the Afghan spectrum but also through the light of how it has done so much to counter terrorism regionally.

Sources in Islamabad earlier said that ‘do-more’ demands of Trump have created tensions between the two countries which further intensified when Trump administration announced that aid to Pakistan was being suspended. Pakistan’s leadership is continuously reviewing US policy

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