Arif Lohar's 'Jugni' has made it to Australia and the rendition from Down Under is just phenomenal!

KARACHI    : Clad in a black and red ensemble, with his chimta lying firmly in his hand, Arif Lohar created magic with his 2010 Coke Studio hit Jugni.

The song made waves globally,  becoming one of the most successful tracks from the music show to date. And of course, there have been many covers of Jugni by aspiring artists but this one we just came across has to be our favourite one so far.

Sitting on a wooden stool, with a guitar in his hand instead of Lohar’s trademark chimta, an Australian street musician has pretty much nailed his rendition of the song! Not just the tunes, but the guy’s Punjabi accent is definitely making us want to listen to the song on repeat.

Don’t believe us? Have a look for yourself.

This #Australian street artist must do a collaboration with Arif Lohar and @itsmeeshashafi ASAP because he's FANTASTIC! Listen to the full song at :

— Patari (@patarimusic) January 29, 2018

We are totally rooting for this guy to collaborate with Lohar and Misha Shafi right about now! Coke Studio, are you listening?

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