Fiancé dumps bride-to-be for appearing late at own wedding

A woman was dumped by her fiancé at their £12,000 wedding reception after a series of events made her exceedingly late, reported the Independent.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Nichola Tuohy, 46, from Hornchurch, Essex, did not reach the church on time.

On the morning of her wedding, Tuohy, went to the local department store to get her make-up done but after she saw the completed look, she was horrified and wanted to cry.

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Ninety minutes before the ceremony, she hurried home to wash off her make-up and re-apply it herself.

The mother-of-three then received a text from a bridesmaid saying she would not be able to make it.

At home, Tuohy received more bad news. Her parents told her they did not approve of the marriage; therefore they will not be attending the ceremony.

The distressed bride then took her two young children to a hotel nearby to get dressed, but after facing complications with the payment, she was further delayed.

“I could see the clock ticking and knew I didn’t have long to get myself and the kids ready,” the frustrated bride told The Sun.

Tuohy noticed she had forgotten her eight-year-old daughter’s dress at home and with only one hour to go, she finally decided to call her fiancé, Darren Ferne.

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“Our guests were already getting seated, and when he told me to hurry up that just stressed me even more.” The bride added, “I had a wave of panic and, exhausted, I just lay down defeated.”

With just 30 minutes to get to the church which was 20 miles away, the mother rushed to get her children seated when she saw the vintage car didn’t have seat belts. Determined, Tuohy quickly went home but in that moment realised she had already missed her wedding ceremony.

She drove to the reception where her fiancé, enraged at being stood up, broke up with her and walked out. “It’s not the kind of thing you can get over easily,” he said, reportedly.

This story originally appeared on the Independent.

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