Top court removes Evacuee trust property chairman over Katas Raj case

ISLAMABAD: In a recent hearing over case pertaining to the Katas Raj pond drying up the top court has removed chairman Evacuee Trust Property Board Sadiqul Farooq on Wednesday.

The three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar while using the power of quo warranto has observed that Sidiqul Farooq is not eligible to hold this office.

Justice Nisar made the announcement in a suo motu case hearing over Katas Raj.

The pond — believed to have been created from the teardrops of Shiva and regarded as sacred by the Hindus — is said to be drying out because of large amounts of water being sucked by nearby cement factories which have allegedly drilled hundreds of bores, severely reducing the subsoil water level.

CJP calls meeting of chief justices to resolve CPEC related litigation

The three-judge bench sought timeline from cement factories situated around Katas Raj Chakwal over an alternate arrangement for water earlier.

The apex court directed factories that after the completion of the timeline, they will not be allowed to take water from tube wells, highlighting the shortage of underground water in the area which was causing difficulty to the residents.

The bench on January 30, 2018 has also sought a complete profile of Chairman Evacuee Property Trust Board Sadiqul Farooq, raising doubt on his appointment as chairman. “There should not be political nepotism,” CJP Nisar said.

Strategy to deal with litigation will be devised during the meeting

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