We're becoming a progressive society and realising that fashion is not limited to women: HSY

ISLAMABAD: Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, popularly known as HSY, has played a prominent role in the fashion industry for as long as one can remember. Starting off his career by designing clothes to launching his own talk show, the designer has managed to hold his own in his 24-year-long career. Talking to The Express Tribune (ET), HSY discusses his career journey, fashion endeavours and continued success.

HSY completes two decades in fashion

ET: Give us an insight into Hassan Sheheryar Yasin’s life.

HSY: I’d like to think my life isn’t very different from others. My everyday life is divided between family and work commitments just like anyone else’s. I actively try to make the most of my days and be the best version of myself.

ET: When did you realise that couture was your expertise?

HSY: I had always known. Creating something new and exciting has always been my passion and couture gives you the freedom to experiment with new ideas.

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ET: You have completed 24 years in fashion. Reflecting back on your early life, have you achieved everything you ever wanted?

HSY: I have come a long way from the day I started and I am very grateful for that. From fashion designing to hosting a talk show to choreography and being an awards show director, I have achieved a lot. I believe that there is still much more to accomplish. You shouldn’t limit yourself to a certain thing; continue to set higher goals and never stop working towards them.

ET: Having 14 clothing display centers around the world, is it difficult to manage and dedicate yourself fully to these ventures? 

HSY: It requires a lot of work and dedication but I wouldn’t say it is difficult to manage. You need to be dedicated to your work no matter what it is and as long as you put in the hard work, there is nothing you can’t do.

ET: Do you plan to expand your empire beyond the borders?

HSY: Of course – we already have an international footprint and we are working on it to take it even further.

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ET: What is your designing strategy that sets you apart from the rest? 

HSY: Designers have their own aesthetics and muses that set them apart creatively. For me, it is my love for our traditional craft and culture. Whatever I am designing, be it a bridal or a western inspired collection, I always incorporate some traditional element.

ET: What are you working on now?

HSY:  There is a lot that I am working on currently. I cannot give away any details but you will be finding out soon. I think light colours are the best for this season but I am working with different hues and palettes.

ET: In view of couture, which event do you look forward to the most this year? 

HSY: It is my next show. I am currently working on it and I am very excited to share it with everyone soon.

ET: You transitioned from a fashion mogul to a talk show host. How did that happen? Do you enjoy hosting as much as designing? 

HSY: As I said earlier, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one thing. I wanted to try something new and that is how I began hosting and I absolutely love it.

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ET: Why do you think that people have general misconceptions about a man leading the fashion front? 

HSY: It is not as it used to be. It was formerly thought that all things in fashion were limited to women only. I think this was because we were set in our old ways but our society has grown since. We are moving towards a more inclusive and progressive direction.

ET: How would you describe fashion and style?

HSY: Fashion and style for me are an expression of oneself. You can communicate so much about yourself through fashion without having to say anything at all.

ET: What would you say to an aspiring male designer who looks up to you?

HSY: I would tell him to follow his heart. Do not let anything stop you from doing what you want and stay determined in the face of adversity.

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ET: Who do you owe your success to?

HSY:  The incredible support system I have is my mother. There is nothing I can’t achieve as long as I have her by my side. She has been my greatest strength throughout the years and I am who I am today because of her.

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