Negotiators hopeful of breakthrough in PTM-govt talks

PESHAWAR: Jirga members from both the government and Pashtoon Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) held their fourth sitting of negotiations where members were of the view that all-out efforts were being made to resolve all issues.

They stated that jirgas were meant for resolving issues, adding negotiations are underway and members from both sides were trying to move things in a positive direction. Both parties, according to the negotiators, however, need to show restraint so that efforts for solving issues continue.

“There has been no ban on PTM activities within the ambit of the Constitution, and neither can someone impose an [extra-constitutional] ban, but both the parties are requested to not take any step during talks that obstruct the ongoing talks,” Advocate Abdul Latif Afridi, representing PTM, told media persons.

PTM agrees to cancel Razmak rally after successful negotiations with jirga

He said this after members from both the sides held talks at Civil Officers Mess on Sunday. Afridi stated that there was good news for the public that both the parties have agreed upon carrying on the negotiations adding a detailed discussion was held and issues were discussed from all angles.

“PTM has reiterated their initial demands which could not be addressed and both the parties have agreed to continue talks and the next sitting has been scheduled for next Sunday,” Afridi informed, adding that elders [chosen by the government] will be consulting their party and PTM representatives will be taking on board their leadership.

“Our elders will be talking to their party about how empowered they [government members] were and at the same time we will also discuss and make a decision,” he informed adding that during the next sitting, all the issues will be discussed and a collective decision will be taken since the issues are interrelated.

PTM wants security forces represented in Jirga

PTM’s Said Alam Mehsud has stated that they had been stressing upon resolving their first four reservations, which include the curfew imposed in North Waziristan, and the fact that Rao Anwar is not even being handcuffed or sent to prison, but is sitting in his home.

Alam Mehsud also made it clear that PTM had nothing to do with elections, adding that all those who are contesting general polls have been suspended from the core committee. “We have been saying this at every PTM gathering that we have nothing to do with politics and have also suspended the core committee memberships of those contesting in the general elections,” he informed media persons.

On June 24, during a meeting between government and PTM representatives, the latter had demanded representation of security forces in the Jirga. PTM demanded that tribal elders of North and South Waziristan districts should be empowered enough that any decision taken during the jirga was implemented. During the same sitting, they also demanded formalisation of the jirga.

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  • PTM wants security forces represented in Jirga

    Also urge empowering tribal elders enough to implement decisions

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